lx.ujf.cas.cz - a member server of the pool.ntp.org

NTP Stratum 2 server; System: CPU P4 2.4GHz, ntp-4.2.6p5@1.2349-o on Linux FC3
The graphs below update every 5 minutes. Previous data can be seen by clicking a plot.

Time offset:
1ms shift was applied to the actual offset before plotting.
An offset of a clock equals to its time correction, i.e. time = clock + offset.

source: 'ntpq -c rv'
lx peers and the current source of UTC
pll & peers: last 24 hours
pll & histogram: last 10 days
temperature compensation
lx case temperature
wedge scattergrams

NTP related packet traffic:

source: 'ntpdc -c iostats'
green: received packets
blue: packets sent
traffic spikes and their fine structure
the number of unique IPs seen during one year

All the graphs are ploted by MRTG. Because negative values aren't allowed, a 1ms bias is added to the actual offset to derive the offset graph above. An ideal timekeeper would therefore display a straight line at the 1ms level (see: David Taylors' page).

Configuration changes and other events

K. Sandler, January 2014